History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Salser & Dillard Funeral Chapel

Our History

Salser & Dillard Funeral Chapel has been serving Tulare County and the surrounding County’s since 2003. Through the years, we have always endeavored to treat our families with the utmost care, compassion, and respect. Those we serve come to us in the time of their greatest need, and we always try to live up to the trust placed in us.

Our professional and caring staff is always available for your assistance and guidance whether it is in handling the funeral services for a loved one, prearranging your own personal services, or just answering questions that you’ve always had, but didn’t feel comfortable in asking. We never forget that we are here to serve you. 

In a time of need, it’s natural to trust in friends and neighbors for help and support. At Salser & Dillard Funeral Chapel, our funeral professionals are your friends known and trusted by families who have lived here for generations. We are proud to be the only locally owned and family operated funeral home in Visalia and are committed to serving families just like yours.

Since, 2003, Jeff Salser and Steve Dillard had a vision to provide personalized, compassionate and professional service before, during and after the funeral of your loved one. When you think about whom to turn to in your time of need, it’s nice to know that there’s no place like home.

Our Lobby

Facility & Specialties 

Families that choose Salser & Dillard use our state of the art facilities like their own homes during a funeral, making their service and ritual comfortable and inviting for all family and friends.

Our facility features a chapel with seating for 240 guests, two visitation rooms and an arrangement room, as well as ample parking.

Our Valued Staff

  • Steve P. Dillard

    Steve P. Dillard, Owner/CEO

    Experience and passion is what Steve Dillard brings to Salser & Dillard Funeral Chapel. Born and raised in Hanford where his parents and one sister still live, Steve started his, nearly 40 years experience in the funeral business, at 14 washing the cars at Peoples Funeral Chapel in Hanford, where his uncle John E. Lemos worked, and Steve continued to learn the business there for the next several years. At 20 Steve began an apprenticeship as well as broadened his experience with Whitehurst-McNamara in Hanford and continued working for the Lowen Group until he moved to Laguna Hills California in June 1987 where he worked for O’Connor Laguna Hills Mortuary. While working at O’Conner's, he attended Cypress College of Mortuary Science and graduated in December 1988 where he received the Ma Green Outstanding Student Award. After successfully completing the California State Board of Embalmers Exam and the National Board Certificate Exam he returned to the Loewen Group working for Hadley Funeral Chapel in Visalia January 1989. He worked at several Loewen locations in Kings and Tulare Counties before leaving in 1999. In 2001 Steve along with Jeff started the process opening their own chapel. When asked why he chose to open his own chapel, Steve's response was clear, "After traveling for many years with the Lowen Group, I had the opportunity to meet and work for many former chapel owners: Frank and Harold Keaton, Claude Wondrow, Lloyd Bledsoe, Don Miller, David and Paul Miller, Don Evans, Jack Creighton, Joe O'Conner, Dick Hemmingway, Clem McNamara, they all exemplified the importance of quality professional service and I wanted that for myself." Steve has a long history of funeral service here in the valley:

    Peoples Funeral Chapel, Hanford CA;
    Whitehurst McNamara, Hanford CA;
    Hadley Funeral Chapel, Visalia and Farmersville CA;
    Millers Memorial Chapel, Visalia CA;
    Miller’s Tulare Funeral Chapel CA;
    Bledsoe Family Peoples Funeral Chapel, Corcoran CA;

    And now a long and successful history owning his own chapel. A proud father of three and grandfather of seven, Steve's roots in the Valley are deep and he looks forward to continuing to serve his community for many years to come building a legacy that lasts for the generations.

  • Amber E. Taunton

    Amber E. Taunton, Director of Family Service & Marketing

  • Josh Golden

    Josh Golden, Director of Care

  • Mark DiGirolamo

    Mark DiGirolamo, Director of Care

  • Juanita Matta

    Juanita Matta, Family Care Office Manager

    Born and raised here in the Central Valley, Juanita is all about family; one of 19 children, she is a loving wife and mother of four. After graduating from College of the Sequoias and working with the Easter Seal Society and Wells Fargo Bank, she found a home working at Holy Family Catholic Church for 14 Years. Her time with the church is what ushered her into serving families in need starting at Miller Memorial Chapel where she first met Steve & Jeff and in Juanita's words was "impressed with their honesty, sincerity and professionalism." She was therefore honored to join their staff in 2004 helping to provide families the utmost in care.

  • Emilio Alvarez

    Emilio Alvarez, Family Service Director

  • Garry Bravo

    Garry Bravo, Family Care Director

  • Isaac Mendoza

    Isaac Mendoza, Family Care Director

  • Lydia Paul

    Lydia Paul, Family Care Director: Licensed Funeral Director

  • Camisha Garcia

    Camisha Garcia, Family Care Assistant/Clinical Care Assistant

  • Christine Serna

    Christine Serna, Family Care Assistant

  • Beth  Conty-Golden

    Beth Conty-Golden, Family Care Assistant

  • Rose Flores

    Rose Flores, Family Care Assistant

  • Andrea Jolley

    Andrea Jolley, Family Care Associate

  • Vanessa  Myer

    Vanessa Myer, Family Care Assistant/Clinical Care Assistant

  • Monica Palomino de Ramirez

    Monica Palomino de Ramirez, Clinical Care Specialist: Licensed Embalmer & Funeral Director

  • Brock Fleischman

    Brock Fleischman, Clinical Care Specialist: Apprentice Embalmer

  • Mike Brown

    Mike Brown, Clinical Care Assistant

  • Richard DelReal

    Richard DelReal, Clinical Care Team: Cremationist

  • Lisa McCurry

    Lisa McCurry, Clinical Care Team: Cremationist

  • Randall Hamman

    Randall Hamman, Clinical Care Assistant

  • Robert Hernandez

    Robert Hernandez, Family Care Associate

  • Jim Gatto

    Jim Gatto, Family Care Associate

  • Cristian Garcia

    Cristian Garcia, Family Care Associate

  • Gabriella Matlock

    Gabriella Matlock, Family Care Associate

  • Tami DiGirolamo

    Tami DiGirolamo, Family Care Associate

  • Tony  Brito

    Tony Brito, Family Care Associate

  • Frank Morales

    Frank Morales, Family Care Associate

  • Morgan Brown

    Morgan Brown, Family Care Associate

  • Naomi Martinez-McGriff

    Naomi Martinez-McGriff, Family Care Associate

  • Dana McGriff

    Dana McGriff, Family Care Associate

  • Kathy McArthur

    Kathy McArthur, Family Care Associate

  • Christian Jaime

    Christian Jaime, Family Care Associate/First Responder

  • Luis

    Luis "Tony" Gutierrez, Family Care Associate/First Responder

  • Helio Amaral

    Helio Amaral, Facility Care Associate

  • Paul Dillard

    Paul Dillard, Auto Care Associate